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Who’s in your Bubble?
Brentwood Bay Resort

Who’s in your Bubble?

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We’re talking about making your bubble small, real small…your bubble bath that is! There’s room for you, and maybe a friend but we’ll leave that up to you. 😘

This gift package has everything you need for you to find new joy in the word “Bubble.” It’s got a bit of an exhausted reputation these days, but honestly, it’s one of our favourite words. One of our favourite past times. One of our favourite ways to just unwind and reconnect.

So go on, turn on those taps, turn down those lights, drop that robe.

Joy lotion & wash - lavender, mandarin, sage & chamomile
Bathorium bath soak
Bathorium bath bomb - fragrance and colorant free, organic ingredients
Comfort Zone Renight Mask