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Father’s Day Barbecues

Father’s Day is a day for casual celebration in our books. It’s a day for relaxed beers on the patio, food that’s easy to prepare but totally delicious, and carefree time spent with family. It’s for laughter, terrible dad jokes, and appreciation for all that these incredible people contribute to their families.

In our minds, it’s best celebrated in the comfort of your own home and we’ve designed three BBQ packages with just this in mind. Nearly all of the work is done for you. Simply fire up the grill, follow a few simple instructions and dinner will be ready without any thinking required. All BBQ packages are built for two, with the option to increase quantities by two.

Pick up in the Pub at Brentwood Bay Resort, Saturday June 20th between 2:00pm and 4:00pm or email katherine@brentwoodbayresort.com to arrange another pick up time Saturday June 20th or Sunday June 21st.